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One of Barbara’s strengths is to understand the culture of an organization and the environment management is trying to create. Armed with this information Barbara has a tremendous ability to help build a vibrant community within your organization based on the right skill sets, team building and a strong culture.

– Goodwin Gibson, Agency President

Elevate Organizations has been invaluable in helping us create a community based culture –  aligning fresh beliefs and behaviours with the vision, values and purpose of our organization, resulting in an increase in employee satisfaction, engagement and retention. When you hire Barbara Morris-Blake, you have a partner on board who has the experience and expertise to make a real difference to your organization. Plus, she’s fun to work with.

– Scott McIndless, Chairman, Heritage Education Funds Inc.


Barbara has been an absolutely invaluable resource in my life the last couple of months. I did a series of both group and independent management coaching and she has taught me skills that have made me a better manager, and frankly, a better person. She has given me some real, tangible tools and techniques to use to manage stress and be a better, more confident leader. Throughout my day, I find myself continually reflecting on the work Barbara and I did together and feel that I have improved markedly – both personally and professionally – as a result of her insightful, encouraging training and leadership. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their management skills. She is thoughtful, perceptive, a great listener and a wonderful coach and I am endlessly thankful for the work we did together.

– Miranda Markham, Director of Social Media & Content Strategy at Citizen Relations International

As a professional coach, Barbara is able to break down important and complex insights and communicate them in a way that is clear, compelling and immediately applicable. She integrates her deep knowledge of effective leadership styles and qualities with a practical and often creative approach to adjustments that can make leaders more effective. She knows her stuff and knows how to make it accessible. A pleasure to work with.

– Geoffrey Rowan, Partner/Senior Counselor, Ketchum Public Relations

I am a huge fan of Barbara’s. She has amazing ability to understand and solve human resource, change management, and leadership challenges. In my time with her as an executive coach she helped me achieve better results, built great relationships, and was adept at simplifying complex situations. Barbara is really a “workplace relationship expert” and is a major asset to any executive trying to make change happen quickly. Her wisdom, cool personality, and speaking ability makes her really enjoyable to work with.

– Lawrence Tepperman, Managing Director at K2 Digital

In my capacity of HR leader, I have contracted Barbara as a professional coach with the objective of enhancing leadership performance for key employees. Her warm and engaging personality, combined with sound judgment and problem analysis, and ability to provide high-quality solutions make her an excellent resource. Barbara’s understanding of our business and it’s specific challenges provides her with a unique perspective on effective leadership development within a demanding and results-oriented creative environment. I would recommend Barbara as an effective professional coach.

– Leith Mellors, CHRL, Vice President of Talent, Canada at IPG Mediabrands

Team Coaching

Barbara is a consummate professional and excels at helping leaders create efficient and productive teams. My team has been exploding with growth for years and my new leadership team needed more support to manage the business effectively. Barbara helped me establish alignment among the group and help the senior team understand each other in ways that provided a balance of greater productivity, camaraderie and personal growth. I highly recommend her.

– Nick Cowling, General Manager, Citizen Relations


Barbara was very personable and good at the engaging the group with her presentation. She has an informal speaking style which enabled her to engage the entire group and involve even the quietest of participants. She presented at a Company of Women breakfast.

– Anne Day, Founder of Company of Women

Barbara is an excellent speaker. She spoke to our group at work on personality types, recognizing them and adapting to them. Very informative and practical. Loved the fun activities to demonstrate the different perspectives individuals have. Highly recommend Barbara as a speaker and trainer.

– Binu Jain, Manager, Program and Project Management Office, Highmark Inc.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Barbara, both in a workshop setting, and one-on-one. Barbara is a captivating speaker with the ability to command and engage a group and lead them through a session that both informs and entertains. One-on-one, Barbara has a wonderful ability to identify opportunities and help define aspects of leadership that yield immediate benefits to the individual and the organization.

– Jill Fairbrother, Principal at Fairbrother & Partners Incorporated

Barbara is one of the most effective team coaches and facilitators that I’ve ever engaged. She helped my team discover more about themselves and each other, and, helped bring us together to be understanding of each other and our organization. I would highly recommend her services.

Simone Hughes, Chief Marketing Officer, Field Law

Barbara Morris has delivered two “excellent” (and that’s how they were rated) webcasts to HR.com’s members: one on reputation – “What are they saying about me?” and the second one entitled “Leading with your brain in mind.” The survey feedback received from our attendees included: “Great presentation with new information and steps to follow,” “wonderful ability to engage the audience,” and “great understanding of what employees need to get ahead and be productive.” We are looking forward to working with Barbara again in 2014 to continue to help us educate our members.

– Lynn Lievonen, HR.com

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