Marie-Hélène Budworth, PhD

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Marie-Hélène Budworth, PhD

Marie-Helene serves as a Consultant for Elevate.  Her area of focus is on employee and leadership development, interpersonal interactions, and performance management.  She actively researches how people learn, acquire knowledge, make choices, and negotiate in order to succeed. She believes that learning and development are socially constructed and, therefore, looks at the individuals and networks that surround people as a way of understanding conditions for success.  

Dr. Budworth studies motivation, learning, and negotiations and is interested in how people think, process information, and make sense of the world. Her work focuses on how people interact with one another and with their environment, answering key questions like: How does a person interpret the world around them? How do these interpretations affect future behaviours and potential for success? Are there ways to assist people in maximizing their potential?  

She currently serves as an Associate Professor at York University in the School of Human Resource Management,  holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, a Master’s in Counseling Psychology from the University of Toronto,  and a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology from McMaster University.

Her work has been published in top tier academic journals and presented at conferences around the world.  She created the negotiation education program for her school and has trained thousands of emergent workers and executives. 

Dr. Budworth also examines the value of psychologically based interventions for enhancing and promoting development within systematically disadvantaged populations. She has a particular interest in issues related to gender and emerging workers.