During this turbulent time of Covid-19, it’s critical that teams come together to support each other and their people.
A remote team meeting will take your team to a higher level of performance. We will facilitate an extremely productive event for your virtual team so that they will learn how to work together remotely and become even more successful.

Activities may include: Team Development, Identifying what’s most important NOW, Strategic Planning and Visioning, Ideation/Brainstorming, Problem Solving and Messaging.
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Managing your Remote Team

Learn to optimize your Remote Team During Covid-19 and optimize your team's productivity and happiness by as much as 50% with this remote leadership training workshop.

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Our Partners

We have partnered with several leading technology and strategy firms to bolster our solutions capabilities for our clients. These range from analytics tools to remote working strategy and coworking solutions.

Lumina is an individual and team assessment tool that helps us understand leadership potential and areas in need of development.

PI is an analytics platform that we use to help identify talent potential for the purposes of recruitment, promotion, and talent optimization.

Decision Wise is a leading provider of 360 degree feedback tools that we use in our leadership development and coaching practice.

OpenWork Agency is a workplace strategy consultancy that uses an analytics platform to help companies transition to ‘new ways of working’ such as activity based working (ABW), remote working, and coworking.