Our Process

Elevate values real time data, experimentation, and a design thinker’s bias for implementing organizational and individual change. Our three step process guides projects from the discovery of data phase all the way through the implementation and measurement of major change initiatives.

I.    Discovery Part 1

Depending on the specific organizational challenges that you face, we gather relevant data (quantitative and qualitative) so that we can make a deep dive into the company culture. In addition to conducting on-the-ground ethnographic research with individuals and teams, we have a proprietary suite of survey tools that we use:
  • Innovation Index
  • Elevate Culture Survey
  • Organizational Health Index
  • Organizational Energy Index
  • Energy & Engagement Index
  • Openness Quotient (OQ)
  • Worker Type Indicator
  • Flexibility Index

Discovery Part 2- Workshop

After collecting survey data, we combine a Discovery Workshop with on-the-ground interviews to more fully understand where problems and growth opportunities are. The workshop provides an opportunity to co-create a change roadmap with the client. The workshop helps us identify:
  • Behaviors and practices that need to change
  • Where there are communications or trust blockages
  • Individual and team development needs
  • Talent deficits
  • How “Future of Work” ready the organization is
  • Happiness and engagement deficits

II.   Design

As a follow-up to the discovery process we help implement a design thinking mindset to tackle specific problems that emerge in discovery. Such a way of thinking focuses on:
  • Quick, inexpensive prototypes centered around the goals of:
    • Increasing trust and transparency
    • Improving communication
    • Increasing collaboration
    • Enhancing employee happiness
    • Improving strategic clarity throughout the organization
    • Increasing measurable innovation
  • Real-time data to measure the process
  • Defining the KPI’s for moving forward

III.  Develop

Through a programmatic approach (6-12 months), we help clients work towards the desired changes and outcomes.
  • Measured against the agreed upon KPI’s
  • Clear roadmap with milestones throughout the course of the program
  • Continuous real-time measurement
  • Monthly workshops with key stakeholders to monitor, iterate, and course correct
  • Monthly report + analysis to update senior leadership