Leadership Development

We work with senior leaders to align behaviors with strategy, and we deliver leadership training for promising managers.

Our services:

Leadership Training
Individual coaching
Executive Coaching / Business Advisory
Team coaching
Succession Planning
Board Advisory
High Performance Leadership Development
Mind the (Generation) Gap
Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Training

Our experienced coaches bring an understanding of human behavior that starts with the Lumina Learning assessment.  Lumina allows us to identify your personality preferences, your behavior at home, at work, and under pressure, and identifies you super strengths and qualities that you need to develop.  We coach from middle management through to the C-Suite.

We recognize that senior leaders desire different outcomes from their coaching relationships.  Our senior consultants have deep experience working with C-Suite leaders, many of whom are former senior executives.  We understand the complexities of running a business. There is often an opportunity to use our coaches as a soundboard and trusted advisor.

After working with hundreds of teams, we’ve drawn on on numerous models and perspectives in the coaching process, depending on the needs of the individual team.  We coach in the Lencioni model of Organizational Health, the Design Thinking framework of IDEO, the Simplexity model of problem solving, and often facilitate strategic planning sessions using a variety of methods.

As organizations today balance the management of five generations in the workplace (Silent Gen, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z), never has it been more important to ‘manage the generations.’  Ensuring an orderly succession of high performing leaders to drive company growth is critical. Our team of senior leadership specialists are passionate about bridging the generation gaps that often impede effective leadership development.