Individual Coaching

The value of Individual Coaching extends far beyond the person being coached.

Elevate coaches all kinds of clients – high achievers who want to push themselves further, managers who want to become leaders, executives who want to become better communicators, people who want to learn how to say no – or yes. Whatever the reason, our clients are unified by the desire to become better.

Supported by such performance-enhancing systems as Lumina Spark which is designed to deliver memorable and insightful interventions, our deepest purpose is to inform and inspire your best self. Whatever that means for you.

Even if your goals are personal, your achievement will be larger than that as you acquire the knowledge, tools and framework to become a more engaged, purposeful participant in your own life – and by extension the lives of those around you.

Just as no man is an island, the value of coaching goes far beyond the person being coached.

One-on-one executive coaching… for you

Elevate believes a purpose is more powerful than a job description. Whether you are seeking to accelerate your career trajectory, in a rut, or at crossroads, whether you are looking to inspire yourself or inspire others, we’ll work closely with you, giving you the motivation and support you need to achieve your professional and personal best.

One-on-one career coaching… for your employees

Are you a manager or HR professional who believes deeply in keeping your employees motivated and working to their full potential – but short on the time required to do so? Whether you’re grooming your reports for bigger things or simply want them to excel in their current role, individual career coaching with Elevate delivers the laser-focused, results-oriented attention your people deserve.

Leadership Development

It has been said that managers make you think they are the most important people in the room. But leaders make you feel like you are the most important person in the room. If you’re a senior leader, our experienced coaches can help you tackle the unique challenges of your organization while achieving your professional goals and fulfilling your leadership potential.

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