Creating a Culture of Intrapreneurship

quotemark45While it’s true that every company needs an entrepreneur to get it under way, healthy growth requires a smattering of intrapreneurs who drive new projects and explore new and unexpected directions for business development. Sir Richard Branson

Through Barbara’s half-day workshop presentation on Intrapreneurship, participants will learn how to:


  • define, identify and explain the distinctions between entre and intra-preneurship.
  • engage in the buy-in, and process, of the intrapreneurial approach to internal relationships.
  • accelerate innovation and transform culture.
  • increase personal comfort with calculated risk-taking.
  • facilitate a personal mindset that advances continuous innovation.
  • transform new ideas into profitable realities.
  • formally acknowledge, nourish and celebrate individual and company milestones that perpetuate the intrapreneurial spirit.


Through lively facilitator-led discussion, as well as personal reflection, pairs and group exercises, Creating a Culture of Intrapreneurship gives attendees the springboard and time-out required to contemplate and strategize how they will move both themselves and their company forward in new, innovate and intrapreneurial ways.

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