Covid-19 Workshop

Long-Distance Leadership – Managing Your Remote Team During Covid-19


Whether digital workflow and remote collaboration have been part of your team’s DNA since the beginning or you are adjusting to a new normal during Covid-19,  this workshop provides you with skills, techniques, strategies, and tools to Elevate your Organization and master the challenge of leading today’s distributed workforce.

In this course, remote leadership expert, Dr. David Macauley, will walk you step by step through the most critical actions you should be taking now to reduce your stress levels, develop greater trust, and become more effective at leading your remote team.


This workshop will be delivered virtually and will be customized to the needs of your organization, depending on the number of participants, their level, and the size of their teams.


After taking this course, you should be able to:

  • Implement tactics to improve remote worker productivity and accountability
  • Create a happier and more engaged team
  • Create an environment where everyone on the team feels psychologically safe
  • Reduce your stress and workload through better delegation
  • Become more intentional and disciplined with leading your remote workforce
  • Deploy new strategies for deepening connections and building trust with your remote employees
  • Identify the right people for remote job functions and retain your best talent